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Enhanced Utility Star Usage History Search
Able Software has recently enhanced Utility Star search criteria for customer usage history information. The more flexible search capability now allows the viewing of individual sub-meters for customer accounts so usage information is available at the individual meter level. So multiple customer meter usage data can be viewed and generated for reporting purposes. Individual meter numbers are utilized to provide this segregated usage information.

Here’s how to access the enhanced “Usage History Search by Meter Number” function.

1. Your Utility Star system should be updated to version 9.9.221 or higher.

2. Go to: Customer Edit/Meter Edit/Customer Express -> UsageHist tab and select “Search” to display the Usage History Search window. The individual meter number field has been added to search criteria. Just select the desired meter number and activate the search function to see the customer usage information.

3. With this function, only the usage history of the selected meter will be displayed.

Please contact Able Software for more information about Utility Star products.

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