Able Software Announces Affiliate Partnership with DocuSend to Mail Invoices Easily


Able Software is pleased to announce the addition of DocuSend to our product line. The cloud-based print-to-mail service makes mailing invoices and other personalized documents through the U.S. Postal Service as easy as sending emails.  Here’s how it works. Create the file you want to mail, and print it to a PDF file instead of your local printer. Upload the PDF file to the DocuSend mailroom, authorize your credit card payment, and you’re done. You can mail hundreds or even thousands of documents in a matter of minutes. DocuSend’s technology extracts postal addresses directly from the PDFs, rebuilds and prints them on the reverse side of the document for perfect alignment through the envelope’s window. It even adds a postal barcode to reduce mailing costs and expedite delivery. The original document content remains unchanged.

Why DocuSend?  To provide an automated option to our users who service customers that can’t or don’t want to receive content sensitive information via email. It takes less than two minutes to upload a file, and the documents are mailed the following business day. DocuSend is powered by MTI, a thirty-year financial document processing and distribution company based in New York.

Two Options to Use DocuSend: You can use a “Send U.S. Mail” button on our website by integrating directly with us. If you’d prefer not to integrate directly, you can use this link to take you directly to the DocuSend website and upload your PDF files following the screen prompts.  DocuSend becomes your own on-demand cloud-based mailroom you can use only if and when you need it. It eliminates inventory, mailing equipment, leases, maintenance, overhead, and manual labor.

How Much Does DocuSend Cost to Use?  You can mail a single page document on plain paper for $.83 including paper, envelopes and postage. There are no monthly fees or minimums. Users are also given access to their own proprietary portal containing a six-month history of all mailing activity, and a PDF image of each document mailed.  The images can be used for reprints or emailing. The portal is included at no additional charge. Other services and products include color printing, adding additional inserts to your documents, and certified mail. All are available right on the upload page at very reasonable rates. You can view all DocuSend pricing at

What Kind of Documents Can I Mail Through DocuSend?   In addition to prescheduled documents such as invoices and statements, it is also commonly used to mail event triggered documents such as dunning letters, service interruption and legal notices, welcome letters, and renewal notices. Just about any 8.5 x 11 document you can print to PDF can be mailed through DocuSend. If you need to mail a document that is not contained in our template library, you can create your own document and merge it with your data base. Then print it to PDF and upload it to DocuSend.

The DocuSend service is provided by Able Software partner Mail Technologies, Inc.  Products and related support, will be provided and billed directly by DocuSend, powered by MTI. There are no minimums and no contracts. Able Software users can mail one or one hundred thousand documents.

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