Able Software announces partnership with NexTrust Inc. for enhanced Billing & Mailing services


State-of-the-art utility billing and customer information systems provide Utility Companies with new technology for improved customer service and operational efficiency.

Able Software, Inc. (ASI), a leading provider of utility billing software to the public & private sectors, announced today a Partnership with NexTrust, Inc., the provider of BillFlash document services. The ASI – BillFlash partnership affords Utility Companies the benefit of cutting internal bill processing cost by providing comprehensive billing statement mailing & processing services.

Accurate and secure bill printing is one of the most labor intensive activities for utility operations. The BillFlash service provides improved mailing address accuracy and guarantees next business mailing for utility bills. The BillFlash service is tightly integrated with Utility Starbilling software to provide easy setup for utilities to process and print customer bill statements. Statement processing takes only take a few minutes to initiate and control is accessed from within the Utility Star billing system. Bill printing approval and processing is verified viathe BillFlash customer web site and current job status reporting is available in real time, to all customers.

Able Software’s UTILITY STAR Platinum and UTILITY STAR Basic utility billing systems were developed using Microsoft’s .Net toolset and will provide Utility Companies with advanced technology enabling them to improve customer service, operational efficiency and increase profitability. Utility Star Platinum application suite offers an array of online products and integration services including UTILITY STAR Platinum, UTILITY STAR Basic, ServiceDirect, CustomerDirect, GIS integration, AMR system interfaces, Accounting systems (GL) Interfaces and other utility industry related products.

About NexTrust, Inc. (BillFlash)
NexTrust, Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced documents with specialized services for the Utility and Heath care industries. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Park City, Utah, the company specializes in developing software solutions that meet business and consumer needs for print and mails services. Best known for its’ BillFlash application, the company’s technologies have been used by thousands of organizations throughout the United States and is available exclusively through Resellers and Partners, such as Able Software, Inc. The BillFlash bill processing system features quick and easy set-up, requires virtually no ongoing support. And is provides national coverage through multiple regional document processing centers across the US.

About Able Software, Inc. (ASI)
Able Software, Inc. delivers Utility Billing and related Operational Software worldwide. Today, over one hundred water, sewer, electric, waste, gas and other sub-metering companies use ASI’s Windows, MS-SQL Server and .Net solutions to meet their technology needs. For over ten years, ASI has developed and implemented total technology solutions for the management of utilities and local government. For more information, please visit the ASI web site

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