Able Software Introduces Utility Star Analytics Product Suite for Utility Customer Information Systems


Utility Star Analytics (USA) state-of-the-art utility billing and customer information system business intelligence is the fastest way to turn data into smart decisions.

Newport Beach, CA – August 30, 2013 – Useware, Inc. (dba Able Software), a leading provider of utility billing software to the public & private sectors, announced the availability of UTILITY STAR Analytics (USA) for utility company operations. UTILITY STAR Analytics promises to leverage existing utility systems database and reporting tools by providing powerful data visualization capability within a web service environment. Utility system information can be displayed in user-friendly chart & graphical formats utilizing open standards connectivity to multiple information database applications. Web-based data analytics and business intelligence services are now optimized specifically for utility company operations and utilize a manageable project implementation timeframe to provide utility & energy metrics for today’s decision makers. 

UTILITY STAR Analytics offers enhanced productivity and resource management capabilities for utility company operations. Utility organization decision makers and management employees are able to easily view and interpret information trend analysis for customer service statistics, utility & energy revenue information, field service order statistics and additional utility billing & financial related data from a powerful, powerful visual dashboard style display format. Key utility & energy KPI’s and related informational metrics are readily available to utility department personnel and customized information views may be set up to control access to critical system information. Utilizing enhanced visualization for key performance metrics, decision makers at every level of the organization are better equipped to make improved operational and executive decisions. By transforming statistical database information into simple and effective visual tools, utility management personnel can effectively achieve operational goals and better plan for the future.

The UTILITY STAR Analytics system may be integrated with virtually any third party utility billing system in order to provide enhanced information display and trend analysis. UTILITY STAR Analytics also provides utility billing providers additional value by leveraging existing capital investments with current technology systems. 
UTILITY STAR Analytics utilizes a web service architecture framework for utility information data display and trend analysis. The UTILITY STAR Analytics information management system joins other Able Software web service solutions to provide a complete technology product set including utility billing, revenue & customer management (CIS),  service order management, electronic bill presentment & payment services (EBPP), meter data management and third party information systems integration services.      
“Today’s utility system information archives are more complex than ever, therefore presenting challenges to effectively managing and making sense of valuable statistical data. System tools which can simplify and more effectively present key information are increasingly useful for improving performance and leveraging technology investment cost”, said Ming Li, President and CEO, Able Software.     
About Able Software
Able Software delivers Utility Billing systems, Online Bill Payment services and Utility Data Intelligence solutions to utility providers worldwide.  Over two-hundred water, sewer, electric, waste, gas and other utility sub-metering companies use Able Software solutions to meet their ongoing technology needs.  For over 15 years, Able Software has developed and implemented turnkey technology solutions for the management of private and public utility provider organizations, as well as municipal government utility agencies.  Able Software has specialized in providing cost effective technology solutions to the utility industry since 1999.  
Able Software UTILITY STAR® product solution suite utilizes the toolset and provides advanced technology for improving customer service, operational efficiency and utility data management across multiple utility organization departments.  UTILITY STAR® software systems integrate with third party solutions such as meter reading systems, financial software, POS payment station systems and more.  For additional information, please visit our web site at 
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