As a listed software vendor, Able Software Company proudly presents Able Tax to serve you tax filing needs. With our certified software, you can create and upload a file in RRC format for the following sample tax reports:

  • GSD-1 – Distribution Sales & Service
  • GSD-2 – Sales & Utility Services, Transportation & Exchange Service or Rates
  • TAR-1 – Company Contact
  • TAR-2 – Company Customer
  • TAR-3 – Company Delivery Point
  • TAR-4 – Company Current Rate Component
  • TAR-5 – Company Curtailment Plan
  • TAR-6 – Company Line Extension Policy
  • TAR-7 – Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA)
  • TAR-8 – Company Quality of Service Rule
  • TAR-9 – Company Rate Schedule
  • TAR-10 – Company Service Charge


Utility Companies

Print bills, reminder and shutoff notices,and payment history, etc, everything you would image are available in Clear Utility Basics.

Water Company

USE provides business management of meter installation, meter reading, billing, collecting payments, etc.

Power Company

It features billing, payments, meter readings, work orders, reports, and customizable codes as some of the prime functionalities.
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