One-stop Billing Services

Integrating disparate technology systems can greatly improve business intelligence and operational efficiency for companies requiring business process proficiency.

Able Software has developed the expertise to integrate various technology systems specifically utilized by Cities, Counties, Municipalities, and Independent organizations providing utility services for their customers. Able Software’s integration expertise allows information from different software systems to provide improved business process workflow, and enables user data entry to be applied across multiple software systems to improve user efficiency and data integrity.

Integration Process Flowchart

The illustration is a graphical representation of the potential data flow through utilizing Able Software’s integration process. The process begins with reading the data from various file formats, integrating with various databases (SQL, Oracle, MS Access), analyzing the data, processing the data, and presenting the data in a viewable format to the end-user. The Smart Dashboard is comprised of 3 Portals which include the CustomerDirect (CD) Online Billing Portal, Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Data Portal, and the ServiceDirect (SD) Portal for generating work orders. Functional reporting capability is built-in, thus eliminating the need for purchasing additional software.

Able Software’s Professional Services Consulting Team can apply many years experience with utility operation services to integrate online portals technology with 3rd party software applications. This approach provides a compelling ROI for all types of utility operations…

Able Software’s Professional Services Consultants employs UTP, allowing organizations to protect their investment with existing software systems by integrating and automating business operations. Able Software’s integration approach provides a “One Stop Shop” supporting a single point-of-contact to fulfill your requirements and provide total customer satisfaction.

  • Overlay utility customer information on GIS information map views.
  • Implement inter-departmental workflow across various systems.
  • Automate utility billing processing and information updating.
  • Link disparate data information repositories together.
  • Link GIS, Work Order Info, Business License Info, Asset Management, Accounting, Interactive Voice Response Systems and more.
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