Customer Direct Pro

What is CustomerDirect?

CustomerDirect is a state-of-the-art Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) system enabling utility billing via the Internet. The CustomerDirect system contains advanced and powerful features such as online account management, account status overview, online bill presentation, online bill payment, online service initiation, work order initiation, and more. CustomerDirect will allow your company to provide utility customers a full service web portal available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, while saving time, resources, and cost.

How does it work?

The CustomerDirect system provides seamless integration to any utility billing system. The main module is located on a web server that handles all interaction with your customers via the internet. The data transfer module communicates and synchronizes information between Customer-Direct and your utility billing system. CustomerDirect deploys cutting edge technology allowing customers to initiate transactions such as bill payment and work order requests, while automatically updating your utility billing system. Your customer service users will realize the benefits of eliminating redundant data entry, mail delays, and time consuming phone calls.

Is it secure?

Able Software understands security is a major concern for any company utilizing the web. The CustomerDirect system is designed to protect data from fraud and safeguard customer’s privacy. Advanced encryption technologies ensures that both your customer and your company’s information remains secure. Able Software technical personnel can also help ensure your servers and computer network is totally secure.

  • Increase customer satisfaction through a dedicated 24/7 web service portal.
  • Reduce customer call-ins by providing account information online.
  • Improve efficiency throughout your business process by automating billing, payments, and work orders.
  • Data synchronization prevents redundant data entry and reduces potential human errors with data entry.
  • E-Bills reduce paper transaction volume and associated costs.
  • Reduce potential customer issues by providing access to account information & management tools.
  • All critical system information is encrypted for maximum security and safety.

As we continuously perfect our products, it is based on the function of Customer Direct Service (CDS) in Utility Star Platinum, that we have made an advanced Customer Direct Pro (CDPro). CDPro is a function allowing customers to inquire about their balance and pay it through the internet. Being a suite of integrated systems, it can be run both independently and through the websites of Utility enterprises. Through the function of online inquiry and payment, the customer can inquire about their own bill anytime they like. At the same time, it will tremendously save Utility enterprises’ and your customers’ time while simultaneously improving work efficiency.


Multi-Account management

Your customers can manage multiple accounts from one centralized location.


Enables sending bills online instead of through the mail. This encourages online payments that are instant, safe, and secure.

Online Bill Payment

Customers can view and pay all their bills online using a checking account or credit card.

Account Status Overview

Customers can view all account related information such as bill history, payment history, meter reading, meter usage, etc.

Credit Card Sign-up

Customers can sign up for automatic monthly payment using credit cards.

Bill Presentation

Customers can review previously sent bills.

Data Synchronization

This enables data consistency for bill payments, work orders and other customer information.

Support and Learning

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