Electric Billing

Utility Star system is such an information based system which comprises “Account Management, Meter Management, Financial Management, Reading, Payment, General Ledger Management, Reports Analysis, and Work Order Management”, etc.

Able Software’s latest product – Utility Star Enterprise utilizes B/S structure to develop, and it’s compatible with all major browsers. Utility companies are freed from system limitations and daily maintenance of the website. Utility Star Enterprise has a suite of standard features such as customer portal, management dashboard, simple report writer…


Smart Meter

We support standard pre-paid meters, including STS and IEC62055, and is also compatible with 3rd party remote meter reading interface. In the future, Able Software is aiming to support more and more other reading methods, even reading with an UAV will not be a dream any more.

Installment payment

Installment can be set up in Utility Star as well, which allows customer to pay their arrearage on installment.


Data digging function makes it possible for utility company to analyze their usage data, income data, etc.


Professional Handheld provider, which is user friendly, IP65, and stable.

Solar Energy

Except for traditional billing utility types, we also support the billing calculation of solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy, etc.


If you have multiple types of services, like both water and electric, our product supports either integrate both of the types of services together and give you an integrated billing and GL reports, or support separate business process for different services.

More Services

Customized Development

Robust technical team provides customer superior customized services


Pay bill any time anywhere and provide your customer the service 24h x 7d

Mobile Handhelds

Wireless Reading and real time data exchange
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