Gas Billing

To bill gas meters is a really complicated process, which involves elevation, pressure, and BTU factor, etc. Utility Star is a fairly mature product on Gas Billing. It simplifies the whole process of gas billing, and make gas billing just one-click thing.


Leakage finding

If meter leaks, leakage charge can be allocated. And meter leakage can be grouped.


Professional gas rate setting.


Account level discount setup is available in Utility Start program. Utility company can set up discount on a single account, as well as on a certain type of accounts.

Fixed charge

Ability to bill by fixed usage amount, and minimum charge.

Open Interface

Utility Star product is open to 3rd party interfaces, from which you can import/export data from/to 3rd party softwares.


Data digging function makes it possible for utility company to analyze their usage data, income data, etc.


Customized Development

Robust technical team provides customer superior customized services

Data Analysis

Visual and dynamic dashboards turn boring data into charts

Mobile Handhelds

Wireless Reading and real time data exchange
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