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Maintenance Mode
Maintenance mode is used to make sure the end users can still make payment to their account even when error/issue occurred of CDPro online payment website, such as “CDPro accounts cannot be found” error.

1. When CDPro has a payment issue, turn on Maintenance Mode from CDPro Management Site.
Login Management Site->Maintenance->Maintain List->Click "Switch" button to turn Maintenance Mode on. When it's turned on, Maintain Status displays ON in red.

Please note: The Tips field is used to control the message that will be displayed in Login Part of CDPro customer site.

2. After Maintenance Mode is turned on, Login on CDPro Customer Site is not available and will display the message that has setup in Tips field of CDPro Management Site. Meanwhile, CDPro End-users can only use Maintain Pay to make payments. They need to enter their Account Number, Last Name, Utility Type and Payment Amount in Step 1 and then go to Step 2 to enter credit card info to complete payment.

3. CDPro will record these maintain payments and display them in the Management Site->Maintenance->Maintain List. Utility Company staff can login CDPro Management Site to export the payments.

Please note, Maintain Payments won't be imported into USG/USP automatically. Utility Company staff need to check payments, make sure these payments have received, and then manually input these payments into USG/USP.

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