Marshalls Energy Company Selects Able Software, Inc. for Utility System Billing Software and Customer


State-of-the-art utility billing and customer information system provides Marshalls Energy Company with new technology for improved customer service and operational efficiency.

Majuro, Marshall Islands – November 24, 2010 – Able Software, Inc. (ASI), a leading provider of utility billing software to the public & private sectors, announced today that Marshalls Energy Company has contracted to purchase and implement UTILITY STAR Platinum® – the most flexible and advanced Utility Billing and Customer Information System on the market today.

UTILITY STAR Platinum® was developed using Microsoft’s .Net toolset and will provide Marshalls Energy Company with advanced technology enabling them to improve customer service, operational efficiency and better manage data across departments in providing electric service to their customers located within the Marshall Islands. The utility billing software implementation will incorporate several modules available within the entire UTILITY STAR Platinum® application suite including automated meter interface, MIP General Ledger & Inventory Module interfaces, Cash Power system interface, POS payment station interface and AbleLoan.

Ellen Brant, Controller of Marshalls Energy Company says “The Marshalls Energy Company (MEC) is excited about our new billing system and is looking forward to the efficient and integrated approach Able Software has to offer. In addition to their billing system functionalities, we were impressed with their knowledge and customer service. With the successful initial demonstration and Able Software’s strong presence in the Micronesian region, we are confident that Able Software has the desired experience to meet the customized billing system needs and challenges facing MEC today.”

Ming Li, CEO of Able Software, Inc., says “UTILITY STAR Platinum® is the most advanced Utility Billing/CIS application in the market today. We developed this application platform based upon the latest development standards and disciplines within the software industry.” He adds, “The results are impressive in terms of product quality, scalability and ease-of-use and we are excited that Marshalls Energy Company has selected us as their software and project implementation provider of choice.” For more information about utility billing solutions offered by Able Software, Inc., please visit

About Able Software, Inc. (ASI)
Able Software, Inc. delivers Utility Billing and related Operational Software worldwide. Today, overa hundred water, sewer, electric, waste, gas and other sub-metering companies use ASI’s Windows, MS-SQL Server and .Net solutions to meet their technology needs. For over ten years, ASI has developed and implemented total technology solutions for the management of utilities and local government. For more information, please visitthe ASI web site

About Marshalls Energy Company (MEC)
Marshalls Energy Company provides electric power services to the Marshall Island chain. Located in the South Pacific region since 1984, MEC also features solar-based electric power services to island residents.MEC currently supplies electric services to the main island community (Majuro) and two other primary atolls. Over time, additional atolls within the Marshall Island chain will become part of a national energy plan to service all inhabited islands. Future projects include development and further modernization of the Island’s utility service grid and accompanying infrastructure improvements.

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