Mobile Issue Tracker


Based on a published report from Q1 2011, the immensely popular Android mobile operating system has already surpassed the Symbian mobile operating system. Though the Symbian operating system has been around for some 10 years now, the rapidly growing Android operating system has taken the lead after only being on the market for 2 years. The Android system has been traditionally employed on the Smartphone market and is now also being utilized on tablet computers as well.

Able Software, Inc. is developing a mobile software application called “Mobile Issue Tracker” which allows Android enabled Smartphones to transmit utility company service order related information from the field back to the utility provider home office. “Mobile Issue Tracker” is a mobile device software utility that allows utility service personnel to communicate customer information about pending service orders in real time. This service allows utility companies to better serve their customer base by enabling field workers to immediately communicate detailed customer service information to the main office. Since this information has been documented and updated, it can be shared by utility company customer service personnel and is accessible to anyone on their network.

This new Able Software mobile application is but one of a host of new service solutions intended to increase utility customer service efficiency and lower employee resource costs. Able Software, Inc. is a leading solution provider specializing in billing systems, web services, application integration and project management solutions for the utility industry.

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