Mobile Workorder

Intelligent online work order management platform frees you from regular paper and PC works. You can view and manage your work orders just from a smart phone anytime and anywhere. With the program auto size-adaptive, the platform gives you the best and most convenient way to manage your work orders.


Real Time Information Access

Mobile Information Access from Anywhere

Open Web Platform Technology

Cross Platform Support for Mobile Devices

Integrated with Existing Systems

Robust System Security Control

Work Order Tracking

Work Process Control


  • Reduce employee response time
  • Reduce Phone Communication Time
  • Utilize Efficient Email Communication
  • Customer Record Access from Mobile Wireless Devices
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry
  • Manage Billable Time & Revenue
  • Manage, Organize and Maintain Proper Inventory Levels
  • Reduce Internal Cost of Operation
  • Improve Planning and Scheduling
  • Real Time Mobile Access to Update Service Order Documentation
  • Simplified Job Scheduling
  • Eliminate Service Order Paper Work
  • Manage WO Materials & Expenses
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