In 2009, able-soft proudly announced the launch of Omni Mobile Data Collection Terminal – OmniTerm. This special-designed hand-held device adopts the most advanced techniques to provide utility meter reading data to our state-of-art Utility Billing product – Utility Star series. The OmniTerm has user friendly interface with feature rich functionalities that produces the best precise and efficient meter readings. Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof make OmniTerm the most reliable hand-held on the market.

This well-designed, reliable hand-held device makes data-collection job possible in any environments – anytime and anywhere. The seamless integration with our Utility Star products guarantees the Auto-Data-Transmission which provides huge improvement in term of work efficiency.

Hardware parameters


ARM Core (Philips LPC2200), 75MHz


RAM/ROM : 256K/2M(240K is available)
FLASH: 32M~64M

Display Screen

LCD screen
160X160 pixels to display 20X20 characters


22keys Ergonomic keyboard
LED keyboard backlight

Power Supply

AA batteryX2 or Lithium cellX1



High performance ARM Core improves the speed of processing data.

Display Screen

Advanced interface design, including backlit LCD screen and LED keypad backlight.

Convenient Design

Anti-slip design, small size and light weight.

Ingress Protection

IP65 rating provides waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof protection.


Many communication methods can be selected: USB, RS232, RS485, and RFID.


The dual battery design allows selecting between AA battery and lithium cell battery.


It can connect to mini-thermal printers through infrared to print all kinds of dockets at scene.

Laser Head

It can scan bar code using Symbol SE series laser scanning encoder.

Work Order

It can provide Work Order Management functionality to field staff.

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