SD Mobile

Able Software Company introduces a new mobile work order system called Service Direct that customized for utility company’s customers. Through the new system, utility service customers can report meter issue, line leakage and track the repair status online. Meanwhile, utility company can access the system to check the repair conditions and arrange field personnel to fix the issue accordingly.

The system is based on 3G/4G mobile communications technology, which realizes the access anywhere anytime. From service customers to utility company administrators and field personnel, every role enrolled in the repairing can access the system using mobile phone or laptop, which simplified the traditional repairing process. Moreover, reduced the utility company employees’ response time, provided more perfect services to customers and realized paperless office.


Web Browser Architecture

The ServiceDirect platform is designed to be integrated with various customer information systems (CIS) and utility billing systems

Simple Report Writer

The ServiceDirect platform utilizes a web portal interface allowing field personnel to login and access information from any wireless device equipped with web browser access.

Customizable Menu

Robust system administration tools allow work order review prior to finalization of customer record updates.

Scheduled Task

The ServiceDirect platform is a customized system tailored to satisfy specific business requirements.

Communication / Task Management

Work Order information real time access for field and office based personnel.

Management Dashboard

Utility customers may be enabled to view and track their own work order status.

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