Able Software’s Training programs are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of our software systems. Students will be able to use the system with confidence, and to take full advantage of the advanced functionalities available to them. Able Software also offers a certification program to ensure that an user has been sufficiently trained.

On-site Training

A professional technical trainer will provide training at your requested location. Training is tailored with the customer in mind. Training is broken down by departments or performed with a group. Off-site Training sessions will be held at Able Software’s Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA. Students can arrange their own travel and lodging, or on request, Able Software can help you with the travel itinerary. A professional technical trainer will provide the training in person.

Remote Training

We also offer remote training which is performed through GoToMeeting. Training is conducted in 2 hour sessions so the customer’s day is not disrupted, longer training sessions can also be made available on request. Training frequency can be done on a daily basis, couple days a week, or weekly until all training hours has been used.


Questionnaires are sent out to customers that are trained either On-Site or through the Internet. The questionnaires are sent out after we have returned from training. This makes it easier for the customer to answer honestly how they feel training was completed. Follow up calls are performed on a regular basis to ensure that our customers do not have any problems with our software. We encourage comments at all times in order to provide the best customer service in the industry.


At the end of each training program, a certification exam will be administered. Users who pass the exam will earn a Utility Star Certification for the roles they tested for. Able Software offers the following certifications: Utility Star System Administrator Utility Star Billing Manager Utility Star Customer Services Utiltiy Star Cashier Utility Star Meter Reader Utility Star Field Crew Utility Star DBA

Optional Module for Utility Star Software Systems

If you have any questions regarding our training program, please contact: or call 949 274 8321 to report the specifics. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.
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