Utility Star Analytics

By utilizing Utility Star Analytics (USA), just a few clicks of your mouse can transform mundane utility customer statistics into powerful graphic displays. Gain insight and vision from your utility customer data with Utility Star Analytics. More effective and timely than generating statistical reports, the ability to view customer information in a graphic form allows you to easily compare information trends over time, see the latest monthly results or effectively understand relevant customer service issues. Information may also be combined from multiple utility operation systems providing new ways to view information from customer service, finance, field services and more.

Our unique dashboard solution features captivating graphics, rapid dashboard development and allows your system users to make data driven decisions faster than ever before. Utility Star Analytics system software is designed with the both the developer and end user in mind. The product is easy to install (no programming or coding), easy to maintain and requires minimal technology resources. Utility business users reap the benefits of visually powerful information dashboard views utilizing real-time updated information to make accurate and timely decisions concerning utility customer service and operations.

USA on-Premise Solution

This is a standard on-site client-server project implementation whereby the physical server is located at your site location. The primary DB for Utility Star Analytics is Microsoft SQL Server. System user access is gained via local user workstations.

USA inCloud Solution

Able Software hosts the server hardware and application software at our Irvine, CA (located in Orange County) co-location data center. System users can access the system from their local workstations (via the internet).

Orange County Data Center

Operating around the clock with dedicated security personnel, there is complete data center access control. All activity is monitored by security cameras located throughout the facility. A highly trained and skilled network operations staff is always available for assisting customers with technical support requirements.

USA Mobile Device Connectivity

USA Mobile includes Windows Phone 7 devices and most Android devices. There is a USA mobile application for the iPhone-iPad and Android device operating systems.


Browser-based information access

Intuitive and easy-to-use display view

Information trend analysis & detail

Custom alert notifications

Flexible drag & drop information displays

Numerous chart styles, maps & graphic displays

User customization for dashboard views

Data drilldown capability for additional detail

Security Rights administration

Mobile device support

Support and Learning

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