Utility Star Cloud

Able Software has always been devoting itself to reduce customer’s use cost, and provide better service and products. With the help of Cloud platform, Able Software is on the way to finish its turn from software provider to service provider. Based on this purpose, Able Software is developing a new product – Utility Star Cloud. It will inherit all features of current Utility Star products, but will be developed on LAMP(Linux+Apache+Mysql/MariaDB+Perl/PHP/Python), which is the major maintenance platform of cloud platforms. The development will mostly apply OSS software, so as minimize the cost of the use of software, and effectively save customer’s use of cost.


Utility Companies

Print bills, reminder and shutoff notices,and payment history, etc, everything you would image are available in Clear Utility Basics.

Water Company

USE provides business management of meter installation, meter reading, billing, collecting payments, etc.

Power Company

It features billing, payments, meter readings, work orders, reports, and customizable codes as some of the prime functionalities.

Support and Learning

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