Utility Star Enterprise

With today’s challenging business environment, and the ever increasing demand placed on technology systems to help drive efficiency, security, and performance, it is critical for utility organizations to put in place the best solution for the job. Here at Able Software Company, it is our mission to not only provide our customers the latest in computer technology, but solutions that works well, and enables organizations to meet or exceed their business goals.

Able Software Company is pleased to introduce our next generation Utility Star system, Utility Star Enterprise. Utilizing over a decade of experience in the utility and technology industry, Utility Star Enterprise is a combination of the latest in web technologies, as well as the proven capabilities of our Utility Star Platinum system. Utility Star Enterprise represents the pinnacle of technological innovation, performance, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Web Browser Architecture

All you need is an Internet Explorer browser, and you can access the system. No more time wasted installing the client interface when a new workstation needs to be deployed, or tinkering with complicated update scheduling to roll-out upgrades to multiple installations. All maintenance and configuration is done on the server, and a simple web address is all you need to deploy the system to a new workstation.

Simple Report Writer

Easy to use report designer that allows any users to quickly create new reports, modify existing reports, and save reports for future use. The designer does not require any knowledge of SQL query or programming language, only simply point and click operation are needed. Reports can also be exported to Excel for further data manipulation and analysis.

Customizable Menu

To improve user productivity, Utility Star Enterprise has the capability to provide users with a list of recently used functions, as well as a completely customizable “My Favorites” section. This favorites section is configurable at an user level, and end users will be able to add their most frequently used functions into it.

Scheduled Task

Utility Star Enterprise allows for task automation through its scheduled tasks feature. Operations such as billing register can be scheduled to take place automatically, thereby improving business efficiency.

Communication / Task Management

User can record and track communications with the customer for issue resolution and record keeping purposes. User can also create task list or to-do list, and have the system remind them of these tasks.

Management Dashboard

Graphical charts that allows anyone to quickly see overview data on a specific company or cycle. The management dashboard provides insight on information such as billing trends, payment trends, usage trends, and customer count.

GIS Report and Analysis

Analyze customer, billing, and usage data using GIS report format, which provides a visual overview of district wide trends overlaid on Bing maps. Utility Star Enterprise empowers everyday users with cutting edge geo-spatial data analysis capabilities.

Message Center

System administrators can display messages across the entire system for all users who are logged into the system to see. This message is displayed on the home screen, which is the screen users see when they first log in.

User Dashboard

Improve user productivity, allows user to have a quick overview of all recent activities, such as the most recent customers viewed, payment entered, work order viewed, communication entered, tickets opened, etc. Also allows user to quickly see any scheduled upcoming tasks.

Customer / Account Entity

Separate “Customer” and “Account” entity separation allows for individual tracking of an actual person (customer), and a financial entity (account). Allows for advanced relationship tracking between actual people and billing accounts. Simple setup for situations such as tenant, owner, account holder, co-account holder, etc.

Support and Learning

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