Water Billing
Able Software Company has 20 years experience in Utility Billing industry, and has been the service provider of hundreds of water companies. Our service covers all aspects of water utility company’s business, including daily maintenance of billing software, secondary development of new functions, customized reports, data analysis, 3rd party interface development, reading management, charging management, work order management, inventory management, online payment query, and mobile pay, etc. All of them has been approved by our customers.
With our series product Utility Star, the water company has a master control of all its data, which can be accessed through just viewable charts and dashboards.
Undeniable, water is the key primary resource that mankind needs. Nowadays, more and more governments have participated in the effort of saving water. Many has initiated the plan.


Budget Billing

Specially designed for customers who would like to pay a fixed amount for their bills.


Account level discount setup is available in Utility Start program. Utility company can set up discount on a single account, as well as on a certain type of accounts.


Flexible interest calculation methods, and allows additional charge.


Utility company can also manage their backflows directly in Utility Star system, including both install and remove.


Utility Star is able to deal with the billing of parent meter and sub meters to get a net usage and charge for each meter.


For the customers that don’t have meters, utility company can pass a new cost evenly to the customers according to premise square feet, occupants, and fixtures.


Data digging function makes it possible for utility company to analyze their usage data, income data, etc.


Professional Handheld provider, which is user friendly, IP65, and stable.


One-stop Billing Services

Integration with many 3rd party software enables utility billing more comprehensive


Pay bill any time anywhere and provide your customer the service 24h x 7d

Data Analysis

Visual and dynamic dashboards turn boring data into charts
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